About us

Founded in 1976, Baijiu plastic machinery Co., LTD., under the leadership of chairman Lin Jinyi, has become a leader in the plastic machinery industry in Taiwan。With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, the renowned manufacturer sells in more than 60 countries around the world, and has created a high quality and reliable brand to obtain the consistent appreciation and affirmation of customers。 Baijiu machinery uses high-quality spare parts and advanced equipment to improve the performance of the bag-making machine to achieve the stability of the production process and maintain the quality of the bag。All components are machined by CNC to ensure precision and interchangeability。 Baijiu "BJ" represents the meaning of "one hundred years forever", so, baijiu will uphold the concept of sustainable management continue to struggle, I believe that our professional skills will be able to provide you with satisfactory machines and no micro technical services。Baichou bag making machine can be used to manufacture: high speed vest bag, point break roll garbage bag, bottom sealing bag, heavy packing bottom sealing bag, laundry bag, edge sealing bag, calendar bag, EVA or PE material disposable glove bag, etc。If you need more information, please call or send an inquiry, we will provide you with the most competitive price and delivery of bag-making machine to meet your needs。